Our Team

Welcome to GWR Management!

Since GWR Management was formed in 2014, we have been, and continue to be, dedicated to growth.  Growth of our company, growth of our employees, and growth of our dedication to our residents. We now own and manage almost 6,500 units across the Southeast; and continue to explore opportunities in these markets.  Our teams are second to none and their dedication to GWR speaks directly to our success as an organization.  We are committed to every employee that serves our residents and takes excellent care of our communities.

As we look forward, our goal is continued growth while being "employee and resident inspired".  While we are dedicated to our investors, partners and our business, we can only be successful if we create value with and grow our team members.  We are committed to keeping our eye on the people that put their trust in us to provide a comfortable home equally as much as we are dedicated to the employees that directly deliver it on our behalf.

This year has been, and continues to be, a year of stability and focus on training and building the best team members we can.  In doing so, they provide outstanding service that we are committed to and take excellent care of the residents that we serve every day.  This is an exciting organization with a dedication to be our best every day.  I thank you for your interest in GWR Management.

- Gina Erwin
President, GWR Management, LLC

  • Grady W. Roberts
  • Brad Swearer
  • Gina Y. Erwin
  • Lori Follett