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In June, 2019, GWR implemented a new incentive program call the GWR Millionaire’s Club.  The program was created to motivate our on site teams to become “millionaires” by leasing a million dollars worth of apartment rentals.  Every lease that is moved in counts!  The total rent amount for the entire lease term is tallied, and added to that employees account, keeping a running total until he/she reaches $1,000,000!  Our first millionaire, Amy Lee McDaniel, hit the mark on May 17, 2020!!  Since then, there have been 17 more that accomplished this incredible goal and are now part of this exclusive group within GWR Management.  This incentive encourages both leasing success as well as long term dedication to a career within our organization. 

We take great pleasure in rewarding and celebrating successes and this group will be rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas in September!!  For many, this will be their first time there and for many more, this could be the only trip they get to take this year because of the challenges with COVID and associated hardships that have been unfortunately put on our team members personally.  In these times that includes school/day care difficulties, financial difficulties, transportation challenges and a host of other road blocks that make this club and this event even that much more special. 

To all of our Millionaire Club Members – your GWR leaders cannot wait to celebrate your success!  To the remainder of our GWR family, you have another year to join the club and our hope is that one day every single person becomes a member. Let’s do this!!!  #GWRstrong #GWRmillionaires


All my best,


President, GWR Management

  • Grady W. Roberts
  • Brad Swearer
  • Gina Y. Erwin
  • Lori Follett
  • Lisa Goodman
    Human Resources/Payroll Manager
  • Brittany Washington
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Brandi Adams
    Regional Supervisor
  • Rachel Schultz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Lelia Delacruz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Nicole Johnson
    Regional Supervisor
  • Ryan H. Raser
    Director of Operations
  • Cynthia Colorado
    Operational Support
  • Vivienne Rodriguez
    Operational Support
  • Hector Cruz
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Alex Garciaguirre
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Rebecca Gordon
    Assistant to Leadership Team / Investor Relations
  • Kim Hughes
    Senior Property Accountant
  • Janet Deshotel
    Property Accountant
  • Teresa Latham
    Property Accountant
  • Laura Medel-Oviedo
    Accounts Payable / Assistant Accountant
  • Mark Zemanek
    Acquisitions Officer