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Letter From the President...

It’s October!  It’s hard to believe that it’s October 2021 and there are discussions already around upcoming holidays!  It seems that every year, this epiphany seems to hit us all at once around this time, and it seems that every year this time approaches faster than the year before.  As I reflect back on the same time last year, for some it was a slow crawl to get to the holidays and for others it was a blink.  2020 was full of uncertainty as we all navigated unprecedented times both personally and professionally, this rolled into 2021, and here we are again approaching the holidays and scratching our heads on how we got here so fast.  Holidays are coming, and with them come a natural time for reflection on the year and a reflection on our business.


At GWR Management, we are constantly looking forward, looking for opportunities and looking for new team members as we grow.  Most importantly, we strive to take care of the team members who have stayed with us the past year and a half as we all worked together diligently through the craziness of personal life and our professional workplace challenges related to Covid and Covid hardships.  We move into the Fall with a positive outlook and a deep gratitude for all the GWR team members that have continued to focus on taking care of our residents.  We have had to shift again this year as we get closer to year end, and the standard celebrations of one another and all our residents have been altered by circumstances out of our control.  We will continue to adjust as needed and will do all that we can to ensure our teams and residents are still given a sense of community through our ongoing dedication to service and planned events.  As I said, it’s October so next up – Halloween!  Our teams will be creative and competitive as we again have a costume contest within GWR centered around fun, creativity and teamwork.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! 

#GWRgoblins   #GWRghouls

All My Best,


  • Grady W. Roberts
  • Brad Swearer
  • Gina Y. Erwin
  • Lori Follett
  • Lisa Goodman
    Human Resources/Payroll Manager
  • Brittany Washington
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Brandi Adams
    Regional Supervisor
  • Rachel Schultz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Lelia Delacruz
    Regional Supervisor
  • Nicole Johnson
    Regional Supervisor
  • Ryan H. Raser
    Director of Operations
  • Cynthia Colorado
    Operational Support
  • Vivienne Rodriguez
    Operational Support
  • Hector Cruz
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Alex Garciaguirre
    Regional Maintenance Supervisor
  • Rebecca Gordon
    Assistant to Leadership Team / Investor Relations
  • Kim Hughes
    Senior Property Accountant
  • Janet Deshotel
    Property Accountant
  • Teresa Latham
    Property Accountant
  • Laura Medel-Oviedo
    Accounts Payable / Assistant Accountant
  • Mark Zemanek
    Acquisitions Officer
  • Eric Lodge
    Acquisitions Officer